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Welcome to my shiatsu practice! Together, we can work towards achieving greater balance, harmony, and healing through the art and practice of traditional Japanese massage. I’m here to support and guide you on your journey towards optimal well-being. Let’s create a nurturing space where we can explore and address any issues that may be impacting your mind and body, and work towards a more harmonious and joyful life.

Literally meaning “finger pressure”, Shiatsu uses light and firm pressure and a range of gentle stretches to harmonise and treat imbalance. Practitioners generally work along the lines of energy through the body called Meridians, and with specific work on points located on these meridians


Shiatsu Treatments

As shiatsu practitioners, we use traditional Japanese therapy to alleviate various physical and emotional conditions. One area where shiatsu can be particularly effective is in treating postural imbalances.

Postural Treatments

During a session focused on postural treatment, we use finger and palm pressure, stretching, and joint mobilization to release tension and improve alignment. Some common shiatsu techniques used in postural treatment include kneading, targeting shiatsu pressure points, stretching, and joint mobilization.

Emotional Treatments

Emotional imbalances can manifest in a variety of ways, such as anxiety, depression, and stress. By using shiatsu to target specific pressure points along the body’s meridians, practitioners can help to rebalance the body and improve emotional wellbeing.

Facial Treatments

Facial tension can manifest as tightness in the jaw, forehead, or around the eyes. By using shiatsu to target specific pressure points along the face and head, practitioners can help to release tension and improve circulation, leading to a more relaxed and refreshed appearance.

Please note: A massage therapist can never replace a good family doctor to cure viral or bacterial illnesses. It is not advisable to have a massage if you have a fever, are seriously weakened or are vomiting.


We are all part of Mother Nature, we all go through seasons. When the seasons of the year change we can tap into that energy and embrace the changes that are happening within us as well as in nature.

Spring is associated with the Wood element and the liver.

Growth and movement: Spring is the time of year when nature awakens from winter’s slumber and begins to grow and move. This energy of growth and movement is associated with the Wood element and the liver, which governs the circulation of blood and energy.

Weather changes: Spring is characterized by an unstable climate, with temperatures fluctuating between hot and cold. These weather changes can affect the human body and cause problems such as allergies, colds, and flu.

Cleansing and purification: spring is considered a time of cleansing and purification of the body. This is because the liver is the main organ responsible for cleansing the blood and removing toxins from the body.

Emotions: The spring season is associated with emotions of anger and irritability. This is because the liver is closely related to the balance of emotions, and excess stress or irritation can affect the proper functioning of the liver and cause these emotions.

” Each of us has the potential of the state of awakening, which will be achieved once we abandon all negativity and develop all positive attitudes. The process is long and uninterrupted, but by training the mind one will be able to become like the enlightened beings who have already undertaken and completed it, and who teach us the method of doing likewise. “
Khensur Jampa Tegchok 

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